is the online store for exhibition and sale of products via the Internet of the greek company "Konstantinidis Konstantinos", with its headquarters located in Xanthi, Province of Xanthi, Greece, and is legally represented with VAT number: 076230018 of the tax office of Xanthi, and e-mail and phone number of the store: 2541065580, (from now on, "The Company").

The following terms and conditions will apply to the use of the online store under the trademark, with the online address Any user who logs in and trades or makes use of the services of the online store (hereinafter referred to as "visitor" and / or "user") or "customer" depending on whether he/she is just making a visit to the store or places an order for products and services) shall be deemed to agree and unconditionally accept the following terms and conditions, with no exception. If a user does not agree with these terms, then it is his responsibility to refrain from visiting thw site, using it in any way or from any transaction or use of the services of the electronic store.

1. Terms

THE COMPANY reserves the right to unilaterally modify or renew these terms and conditions of transactions, made through its online store. The COMPANY undertakes the obligation to inform users for any modifications as well as for any change, via this the website of the online store. It is clarified that any change of the terms does not affect orders that you already have placed. Contracts through the online store are written in the Greek language.

2. Given information & Products

The COMPANY is committed to preserve the completeness and validity of the information provided on the website of, both in terms of the existence of essential features which are described on a case-by-case basis for each product available, as well as for the accuracy of the information provided and has to do with the services offered by the online store of the COMPANY, except for any techniqal or typographical errors, which have escaped attention or occurred unintentionally or as a result of any downtime of website due to force majeure.

3. Limitation of Liability

-The COMPANY in the context of its transactions from the online store is not responsible and is not liable of compensation for any damage or loss arising from the cancellation of orders, from non-execution or from the delay in their execution, for any reason. It does not guarantee the availability of the products on display in the online store, but it informs, based on the current data on the availability or not, the interested customer and, in case of any change in this information, it informs the customers in time about the unavailability, so even in this case it bears no further responsibility. The online store provides the content (eg information, names, photos, illustrations), products and services available via the website "exactly as they are". In no case is the COMPANY liable civilly or criminally for any damage (positive, specific or negative, which is indicative and not restrictive, divisive and / or cumulatively consists of loss of profits, data, lost profits, monetary satisfaction, etc.) that may be suffered by the visitor of the online store or a third party for a reason related to the operation or not and / or the use of website and / or inability to provide services and / or products and / or information available from it and / or any unauthorized interference by third parties with products and / or services and / or information are available through it.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

-All content of the Online Store, distinctive titles, Trademarks, images, graphics, photos, drawings, texts, etc. constitute the intellectual property of the COMPANY and are protected in accordance with the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions or intellectual property property of third parties for which the COMPANY has obtained a license for its own exclusive needs and for the operation of the online store. Any copying, transfer or creation of copied works based on this content or misleading the public about the actual owner of the electronic store is prohibited. Reproduction, re-release, upload, announcement, dissemination or transmission or any other use of content in any way or medium for commercial or other purposes is permitted only after prior written consent of the COMPANY or any other copyright holder. The names, pictures, logos and insignia listed and describing the online store with the trademark or the products or services of the COMPANY or third parties, are assets of COMPANY or third parties respectively, protected by the relevant trademark laws. Their use in the online store does not in any case provide a license or right to use them for third parties.

5. User Obligations

The user / customer agrees and is responsible to use the services, information and data of the online store as regulated by law and based on the rules of good faith and transaction ethics. The user is obliged not to use the online store with the brand name to:

  1. Send, publish, email or otherwise transmit any content that is illegal for any reason, causes unlawful insult and damage to the COMPANY or any third party or infringes on the confidentiality or privacy of any person.
  2. Send, publish, email or otherwise transmit any content that insults morality, social values, minority, etc.
  3. Send, publish, email or otherwise transmit any content for which the users do not have the right to broadcast in accordance with the law or applicable contracts (such as internal information, property and confidential information obtained or disclosed as part of an employment relationship; or included in confidentiality agreements).
  4. Send, publish, email or otherwise transmit any content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other property rights of third parties of any kind.
  5. Send, publish, e-mail or otherwise transmit any material that contains viruses software or any other code, files, or programs aiming to interrupt, damage, destroy the equipment or the operation of any software or hardware computers.
  6. For intentional or unintentional violation of applicable law or regulations.
  7. For harassment of third parties in any way.
  8. Collect or store personal data about other users.

6. Security

THE COMPANY recognizes the importance of the issue of the security of your Personal Data as well as of your electronic transactions and takes all the necessary measures, with the most modern and advanced methods, in order to ensure your maximum possible safety. All information, which is related to your personal information and transactions is secure and confidential. The security of the online store of the COMPANY is achieved by the following methods:

Customer Identification:

-The passwords used to identify the user / customer are twofold: the Username and The Personal Security Code (Password), which provide access to him every time he types them with absolute security in his personal data. He is given the opportunity to change the Personal Secret Code Password as often as he wishes. The only one who has access to his data is himself through the above passwords and is solely responsible for maintaining its confidentiality by third parties. In case of loss or leakage they should immediately notify the COMPANY, otherwise it is not responsible for the use of the secret code by an unauthorized person. The online store of the COMPANY does not disclose or disclose the personal data and information of users / customers in any way. Personal data are used solely for the proper execution of transactions. All information is encrypted and stored in complete safety.

Ensuring the Privacy of the Transfer of Your Personal Data:

To ensure the confidentiality of data transfer, the COMPANY uses the encryption protocol SSL-128bit. The system is certified by Verisign, which specializes in security issues in transactions.


-From the beginning to the end of the connection (on-line session) with the online store of the COMPANY, all user / client information and personal data are encrypted based on the encryption protocol SSL 128-bit. Encryption is essentially a way of encrypting information until it reaches certain recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key. Every time the user is connected to the online store of the COMPANY, all communication between the user's computer and the COMPANY's systems are encrypted using a 128 bits key. That is, every time he sends information to the system, the browser first encrypts them using a 128 bit key and then sends them to system. The COMPANY's system first decrypts the information it receives using the same key (which is predefined when the user logs in to the service) and then processes them. The COMPANY's systems, send information following the same encryption process.

Transaction Confidentiality:

Confidentiality is self-evident. The same basic principles that govern classic transactions apply in case of e-commerce. All information transmitted by the user / member to the COMPANY are confidential and the COMPANY has taken all necessary measures to use them only to the extent that this is deemed necessary in the context of the services provided. Some of the measures that have been taken are the following:

  • Only authorized employees have access to your transaction information and only whenever it is necessary, e.g. to process your applications.
  • THE COMPANY does not disclose the details of customers and their transactions, unless it has a written authorization by you or this is imposed by a court decision or decision of another public authority.
  • In case the COMPANY uses third parties to support its systems, it takes care of ensuring confidentiality.
  • In accordance to the provisions of Chapter 7 hereof, related to Personal Data, you may: Ask for any information kept about you as well as correct them if you can prove the existence of an error.
  • For your own safety, you should also handle all information provided through it as confidential and private and do not disclose any of them to third parties.

7. Protection of Personal Data

During your visit to the pages of it is possible to be asked to state your personal information that concerns you (name, surname, profession, electronic address, product shipping address, etc.) as a rule to process your orders or to provide our services. Any personal data that you declare anywhere on the pages and internet services of the site , are kept solely for reasons related to your transactions with us, the improvement of the provided services and ensuring that the operation of the respective service may not be used from any third party (with the exceptions provided by law to the competent authorities only).

In any case, the employees of the COMPANY who have access to your personal data are specific and unauthorized access to your personal data is prohibited. Any reasonable measure for insurance of your data has been taken. Your personal information in extremely rare and special cases may also be notified to companies cooperating with the COMPANY, in order to support, promote and implementate your business relationship with us, but always under conditions that fully ensure that your personal data are not subject to any illegal processing.

The single-member company KONSTANTINIDIS KONSTANTINOS collects and processes the above data exclusively and only for the purposes described above and on which you have consented. The processing that is done is the absolutely necessary and is done exclusively by the competent employees of the company. Your data may be sent to other countries inside or outside the EU for processing purposes on which you have consented. In-house processing parties are bound by Regulation 2016/679 / EC (Regulation) and their contract with us which ensures the security of the data and their processing in accordance with the consent you give. Out of the EU our company follows the provisions of the Regulation regarding shipping data outside of the EU to ensure that processing takes place in accordance with the law and your consent.

The company has taken all necessary measures to ensure that your data is secure and accessible within a limit according to the law. Your data is kept for as long as our company needs it for its orderly operation, unless otherwise stated by law.

You can contact the company whenever you wish to be informed about your personal data, request their modification, or cessation of their use or deletion altogether or partly or their portability as required by law. For your communication, please contact us in the number: 25410 65580, the e-mail address or in our stores. You have the right in case you consider that the processing is not in accordance with the above to seek the protection of the Personal Data Authority

Detailed information about the privacy policy of our website can be found here.

For any question or suggestion or statement related to these issues please contact us making use of the special section "Contact form ".

At any time the user reserves the right to inform or object to further processing of his data in accordance with current legislation on the protection of personal data.

8. Links to other websites (Links)

Through the website you may find references to content of third party websites - to enable users to navigate through specialists links (links, hyperlinks, banners, video) to third party websites, the content of which is the sole responsibility of these persons. The COMPANY does not represent them and does not guarantee their availability, does not control or is responsible for the content, the privacy policy data, the quality, accuracy, legality, completeness, timeliness and accuracy of the information or the properties of products or services listed through the above websites. The above references - links exist and have been placed exclusively for the convenience of its visitors / users , while the The websites to which they refer are subject to the corresponding terms of those websites. use. The placement of links is not an indication of approval or acceptance of the content of the respective web sites places by the COMPANY, which bears no responsibility for their content, for errors or malfunction of the third party websites, as well as for any harm or injury to users from access to and use of the information provided through them, as the visitor has access to them at his own risk.

9. Purchase of Products

The visitor of our online store can find different kinds of shoes.

To facilitate your search, we have divided our products into several main categories, with each category having a subcategory tree.

Our goal is that you can reach the final product within 3 clicks. In case you are looking for something specific, use the search button, which will lead you directly to your specific choice.

You can place your order either as a member, if you are already registered, or as a guest, inserting your details when completing the order.

The COMPANY makes every effort to provide high quality services. However cases of errors in prices and product secondary features can't be completely excluded and it cannot be guaranteed that there won't occur crashes of the website or "human" errors when updating / listing the price of a product. For the safety and effectiveness of your purchases, once you find that a product is offered at an unusually low or high price in relation to its market value, before proceeding with the order contact us 25410 65580 or via the email form on the website.

Order Processing - Price Policy:

Orders are accepted and shipments are made only within Greece. The orders are performed during the opening hours of our stores except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

The listed prices of the products are the final ones (ie VAT is included). The online store of the COMPANY reserves the right to change prices without prior notice to the customer. The customer pays always at the time of receiving of the goods, the price which was indicated in the relevant price lists for this product at the time of ordering. The COMPANY does not bear any responsibility and does not cover price differences in products purchased from its physical store and the customer subsequently ascertained the existence of lower price in its online store or vice versa. Prices and products that are on limited sale have a valid price until stocks are sold or until the expiration date of the offer. A strict order of time will be strictly observed for their execution.

Order confirmation

After placing your order you will receive an automated e-mail stating the details of your order. After the processing of the order by the electronic purchasing department of the COMPANY and if there is not a problem with your order and the products are all available at the times provided you will receive a second confirmation e-mail with the products that will be sent to you. At this point, a contract is established beyween us. Upon delivery of your order to the courier company you will receive a third e-mail with the tracking number. Otherwise, if a product is not available for shipment, you will be informed by phone by our specialized partner.

There is no way to turn off these updates, the sending of which is a prerequisite for the correct progress of your order. We invite you to make sure that these e-mails reach you you throughout our transaction. It is your responsibility, in case you do not receive the relevant e-mail, in accordance with the general terms governing our transactions, to inform us without delay. Your products are delivered as soon as possible and in a time not exceeding thirty days from conclusion of the contract.

All the history of previous orders, as well as the progress of each order can be found through the section "Your orders". The basic condition is that you have created a member account in our online store. Your order, before it reaches you, will go through the following steps:

  • Order on hold: When your order has been received and registered in our system with success, you will receive a relevant automated e-mail upon completion of your order.
  • Order processing: When your order has been received by a partner of our company, who checks it for any correctness. At this stage, the process of gathering the products, which you have ordered, begins in our warehouse and then follows their packaging for shipment.
  • At this stage we will inform you by phone ONLY if there are problems with the products you have ordered.
  • Delivery of order to the carrier: The products of the order have been collected and have been launched for sending to the address you have given to us. The Shipping Number (voucher) of the transport company that has undertaken the delivery of your package is notified to you via e-mail, so you can watch its progress.

Availability of products

The availability of products in our online store is indicative (mainly in products with availability 1 up to 3 days), since the update is done at regular intervals and not in real time. In case when there is a pending issue in your order, then a corresponding e-mail will be sent to you or we will contact you alternatively, within a reasonable time from the placement of the order, on the phone you provided, or also in the e-mail you have given us when registering or registering the order on our site, so that you are informed about the possible delivery time. In this case, you have the option, if you consider that you are not satisfied with this period of time, to request the withdrawal of the order of the said product. Otherwise, your order can be executed normally, based on the availability times specified in each product.

Order Receipt:

Delivery of the product is made only to the buyer and the demonstration to the courier or the employee of store, in case of choice to receive the order from KONSTANTINIDIS KONSTANTINOS store, of the original identity or passport of the placer of the order is required. After the signing - acceptance of the customer-recipient of the relevant Delivery Note, it will not be possible to identify any disputes which concern the delivery.

10. Right of Withdrawal For online Shopping

Our COMPANY supporting e-Commerce gives you the opportunity, through the completeness of the descriptions of which you post on its pages, enjoy the privilege of direct contact with the products available from your computer screen quickly and easily. Wanting to highlight the benefits of using the internet on In our daily purchases we quote the terms and conditions for the return of defective or non-defective products, which you can see in detail in the section «Product Returns».

11. Order Cancellation

With no restriction of the provisions about withdrawal of the section«Product Returns», η ακύρωση της παραγγελίας δύναται να your right of withdrawal applies to the following cases:

  • Before the order is completed, during the online ordering process you can you can hit the "Back" button and remove the quantities of products from your cart by clicking on the "remove" button.
  • If the online order has been completed but the product has not been shipped yet you can call it 25410 65580 and one of our partners will undertake the cancellation of your order.
  • If the online order has been completed but the product has been sent to your address and don't want to receive it, you must pay to our company the total amount of shipping costs resulting from the total weight of the order, to and from your shipping address.

ATTENTION: The electronic order that has been completed is the "Contract" between us. You have the obligation by law to submit accurate and true information, as well as to receive and pay for your order when it is delivered to you. False and inaccurate statements, as well as indifference or refusal to accept the order may incur legal sanctions against you by the legal protection of our company. THE COMPANY maintains the right to go to court to claim damages that may have arisen as a result of an electronic or telephone order of the customer.

After receiving the product, call us at 25410 65580 or contact us via the online form mail of the website, explaining the reason why you wish to cancel the order. A partner will serve you immediately and will inform you about all your options. However, the status order will not change on your account page.

12. Payment Methods

At we offer you alternative payment methods, so that you can choose the one that serves you best! You can see them all in detail in the section «Payment Methods».

13. Shipping Methods / Expenses

Detailed information on shipping methods and shipping costs, can be found in the relevant section «Shipping methods».

14. Order delay

Your order may be delayed for the following reasons:

  • The product has been delayed from being supplied by our supplier : So that we can offer you a lot of competitive prices, we order our products from a very wide range of domestic suppliers. There are some cases when an order of ours can "stick" to its transport, and as a result we may not have the product in which you are interested in our stores within the time period we have calculated. In such a case, we will contact you to ask you if you want us to deliver your order without this product to you or we will suggest an alternative one. We will send this item to you immediately upon receipt in our warehouses.
  • The product you ordered has already been out of stock and is no longer available: Among the products that we exhibit in our online store there are rare cases when their supplier suddenly and unannounced decides no longer to sell them. In this case an employee of our company will contact you directly to give you all the alternatives.
  • In any case of force majeure: Our company is not responsible for any delays in deliveries of the ordered products, which are not due to its fault or constitute events of force majeure, such as problems in the road network, severe weather phenomena, strikes, etc. we ask for your understanding in specific time periods (School Opening, Christmas, Easter, Halloween).
  • In case it is not possible to communicate with you : This happens when there is no telephone and / or email contact with you (if any problem occurs in your order, either in relation to the product or in relation to its payment) because e.g. your information you have entered is not properly updated. In any case, the delay does not exceed thirty days from the conclusion of the contract.

15. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

Contracts through the online store are regulated by European and Greek Law, in particular by legislation governing issues related to e-commerce, distance selling and protection of consumers. Similarly, the site has been created and is controlled by the COMPANY in Komotini and Greek Legislation will guide the use of the site and its interpretation. If the user chooses to access the site from another country, he has the responsibility to follow the Laws of that country.

Any dispute that occurs and arises from the contractual relationship between the COMPANY and the customer, then the ones responsible for its resolution are the substantively competent Courts of Komotini. For its out-of-court settlement of the dispute, the client can turn to the competent bodies for out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes, e.g. in General Secretariat for Consumer Affairs of the Ministry of Development and Competitiveness (Kanigos Square, PC: 10181, Athens,, phone: 1520, fax: 2103843549), to the Advocate of the Consumer (, Alexandras Street 144, Zip code: 11471, Athens, phone: 2106460734, fax: 2106460414), to the Committees for the Amicable Settlement of Consumer Disputes (Article 11 of n.2251 / 1994) located in the local Municipalities of the country.

According to the Directive 2013/11 / EC, which was incorporated into Greek legislation with JM 70330/2015, it is provided now the possibility of electronic settlement of consumer disputes with the Alternative Dispute process Resolution throughout the European Union. If the customer has a problem with a purchase made by the Electronic Store and reside in the EU can use this site for out-of-court settlement of the dispute. The Alternative Solution Body certified for this purpose Differences (EED) is: European Consumer Center of Greece (ECC GREECE), Alexandras Ave. 144, PC: 11471, Athens, tel .: +30 2106460284, fax: +30 2106460784, email: The customer can contact the above authority in order to guide him throughout the process of submitting and processing his complaint.

The protection provided by the provisions of the law on distance contracts, as well as the present terms, it is emphasized, that applies to transactions only with natural persons, who are traded for reasons, which do not fall within their commercial, craft, business or liberal professional activity.

If any part of the contract of sale in accordance with these terms proves invalid or unenforceable by decision of the court, the remainder of the contract will remain in force. The COMPANY may enter into an assignment agreement of its obligations to an appropriate third party. Otherwise, the customer will not be entitled to assign either transfer his rights or obligations.

All notifications must be made in written form (by hand, e-mail, fax or letter via first class mail, which will be considered delivered 48 hours after its posting).

You can read the Consumer Code of E-Commerce as published in the Official Gazette.